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2012 Schedule

Peter Anderson Festival

Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Nov. 3 & 4, 2012

Visit my booth and mention that you learned of it on my website to receive 10% off custom orders placed or purchases made during the festival!


Hissyfits Boutique

Rosemary Beach, FL

. Featured Artist .

painted scenes from along

HWY 30-A



 2011 Schedule

Hidden Lantern Gallery

Rosemary Beach, FL


Hissyfits Boutique

Rosemary Beach, FL


West Indies Market 2011
Rosemary Beach, FL

May 7,8

June 11-12

July 9-10


The Hidden Lantern Gallery
"Along 30-A"
DeAnna Backel
Lauren Carvahlo

Rosemary Beach
July3 - August 6

Opening Reception
Thursday July 7, 2011


Cape San Blas, FL

June 26-July 3, 2011

Painting on location, exploring the bay, clam digging, horseback riding  along the beach.

If you schedule your beach trip around one of these dates, be sure to book an appointment for a custom painted portrait of your pet or child playing on the beach!

I'll photograph them there, complete the painting in my studio, and ship it to your home or business upon completion.

Go to the Contact Me page and email me to reserve an appointment.

     This is for those desiring a classic, realistic style. The focal point is often more tightly rendered to direct the viewer's attention, while some degree of looseness may occur as the eye is drawn away from the primary point of interest. This is an original painting from start to finish and not paint applied to a photograph.


head & shoulders 16x20, 18x18  $ 800

3/4 length          18x24, 20x24,  $1100                
                         24x30             $1200

full length          24x30              $1500
                        30x40              $1650
                        36x48              $2000
Add 65% per additional person.
Add 20% per pet to include pets in a portrait of a person as shown here.
*Larger sizes available

16x16, 16x20            $400
18x18, 18x24            $500

24x24, 24x30            $600
30x30, 30x40            $800

Add 65% per additional pet on the same canvas.
* Larger sizes available
Contemporary Portraits
   The expressive paint qualities and lively brushstrokes offer a fresh approach to portraiture and help evoke the personality of people and pets. Backgrounds range from minimalist to multicolored. Paint qualities may include a variety of thin washes, heavy impasto, lost edges, abstraction, drips and splatters. There is often a sense of having captured a fleeting moment in time. 

                                Profile View          Frontal  View
16x20, 18x18              $300                      $450
20x20, 20x30              $400                      $550
24x24  24x30              $500                      $750
30x30, 30x40              $700                      $850


12x12 face                 $150
14x14                          $200
16x20                          $300
20x20                          $400
20x30                          $450
24x24                          $500
24x30                          $550  
30x30                          $600
30x40                          $700
40x40                          $750

*Larger sizes available

Prices reflect painting only and do not include framing, shipping or trip charges.
Prices include the option of either a studio background
or a moderately detailed setting. 
Prices reflect one subject per canvas. See below.

Additional charges apply to the above listed prices as follows:

  Add 65% per additional subject to be added to the same canvas. However, add only 20% per pet to include them in portraits of PEOPLE. Multiple subjects require a larger size than 16x20 unless they are faces only.
  In some rare cases a 25% addition may apply to extensively detailed backgrounds.
  A non-refundable deposit of 30% reserves a place on the waiting list and holds the current price.

The Process for Custom Paintings
     For many custom paintings, good photos of your subject which you have taken may either be mailed or emailed to me. For portraits of people, especially in the Classical oil style, I prefer a session to meet with the sitter to get to know their personality and take some reference photos which are for my use only. If this is acceptable, we will schedule a photo session at a time, location, and fee to be agreed upon by the client and myself. This varies, depending on the logistics of client's location. For portraits we can meet at my studio, your home, or other interesting setting nearby.
As a profession, I am a painter more than a photographer, but I do well enough for me to paint from.
     However, i
f the photos you are wishing to use were taken by a professional photographer, then I will need their written permission
(via letterhead or email) to use said photos for the purpose of painting from. I will give them credits for the photo itself on my website. All artists' work is copyright protected and I refuse to plagiarize or infringe on their rights in any way. Most photographers are happy to do so, as it further promotes their business as well.  
     The client and I will determine what size canvas is best suited for their needs. A non-refundable deposit of 30% is required to start the process, securing the client's place in the schedule and holding the current price. 
     A viewing will be scheduled for critique as it is nearing completion. Out of town clients have the option to critique via email if necessary. 
Adjustments and finishing touches are done and, if no other corrections are needed, the painting is picked up from my studio or delivered, with the balance being paid at this time. If shipping is required, the balance is still due at this time and it will be shipped to you once payment is received and it is sufficiently dry.
     If Pay-Pal is not currently set up on this site then I require a money order or cashier's check.
     Thank you for your interest. I look forward to creating a work of art that you and your loved ones will enjoy for many lifetimes!



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